As you have probably have guessed, I'm gay and I run this blog about things I like. While it won't be ONLY pictures of abs, penis, and asses, its probably not going to be the best blog to go on in public...Unless you're at a gay bar or something. _________________________________ This blog's intention is to only post picture and video of men that are 18+. PLEASE let me know if anything I've posted is a picture or video of someone underage...or you. But if it's you, congratulations, I think you're really fucking hot and you have a big dick.I don't own rights to any of the delicious pictures below...

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You said to dress casual

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"So… you’re telling me you’ve never had your oil changed?”
"No Mr. Mathews… My Dad was going to show me last summer, but we never got around to it."
"Got an hour or two? I’ll show you all about how to change it properly.”
"Sure! I really appreciate all the extra time you’ve spent helping me settle into my new place, maybe we can get a beer or something later?"
"Sure kid, just step inside my garage and we’ll get to work."
"Mr. Mathews… there isn’t a car in here…"

Coach Pervman’s Private Stash

Huge uncut slab of COCK! 
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Helping Daddy score a new client.

Helping the new boy please daddy just how he likes it.