As you have probably have guessed, I'm gay and I run this blog about things I like. While it won't be ONLY pictures of abs, penis, and asses, its probably not going to be the best blog to go on in public...Unless you're at a gay bar or something. _________________________________ This blog's intention is to only post picture and video of men that are 18+. PLEASE let me know if anything I've posted is a picture or video of someone underage...or you. But if it's you, congratulations, I think you're really fucking hot and you have a big dick.I don't own rights to any of the delicious pictures below...


Get ready sport, he’s coming for you. 

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Waiting for dinner party guests to arrive. Dad makes me greet everyone by letting them rub my bare dry circumcised knob. 

"Please Daddy it burns. I don’t want to be a pussyboy anymore."  "Too late now, boy. Your ass is mine forever!"

"You are just like all the other bois…." he sighed and patted my cheek.
"What do you mean?"
"I’m more than just a cock you know, ever heard of foreplay?"
I took his sarcastic bait, “Oh, I’m so sorry… I tell you what, let’s just ignore your cock tonight.”
"Well lets not go that far,” he chuckled, "But how about I show you some other places you can lick…?"

After Uncle Bill unloads, he just pulls out and we take our afternoon nap. Says he has to wear a condom to make sure he leaves no evidence in my boycunt.


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